The Artists - Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

About The Artists: Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Sculptors Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby formed the art studio Bad River Artworks after cooperating on several sculpture projects while attending Northern State University in the late 80’s. Their "continuous critique" approach to sculpture delivers high realism to their "Americana" sculptures. Besides their national market they have placed over 70 public, life-sized sculptures making them one of South Dakota's most prolific bronze sculptors.

Recent major art purchase awards have come from the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk "People's Choice Award, 2005" for our "Shepherd" and 2006 for "The Library Boy" and the Sioux City Sculpt Siouxland Children's Choice Award-2005" for "Golden"' and People's and Children’s Choice Awards for 2006 for "Knight's Meal Cigar" and in 2007 for the South Dakota Children’s Home Society for Rapid City and Sioux Falls for the "Tuckered Out Guardian Angel". Grannies Garden” was the 2nd place “Peoples Choice Award winner for 2008. Their 2009 entry, Summers Distraction II” won 1st in People’s Choice. People’s Choice Award, Bemidji Sculpture Walk in 2009 and 2010. We mention these “People’s Choice Awards” to show to you that we know how to create art that everyone can understand and enjoy.

They are most recognized for the nine sculptures placed in the South Dakota War Memorial at the Capitol in Pierre. Over a hundred thousand people combined have attended their dedications. Most recently they were selected to complete a 22’ bronze of White Buffalo Calf Woman for the State and also are finalists for a major war memorial in Orange, California. They are currently entering a 5 to 10 year project to produce 12 life-sized sculptures of past SD Governors. They are also commissioned to create a 9 foot “Fighting Viking” for Augustana college. Their works have been selected the prestigious Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk since its inception 8 years ago.

Artist Lee Leuning

Artist Biography: Lee Leuning

Lee Leuning was born in Lake Hendricks, Minnesota and grew up in north Sioux Falls. He attended South Dakota State University in Brookings earning a wildlife biology degree. He worked 28 years as a wildlife officer for Tennessee and later South Dakota. During his wildlife career he developed his artistic talents through watercolor wildlife paintings. He attended 3 years at Northern State University studying bronze sculpture. Lee has an innate ability to originate artworks that appeals to a broad public. Lee is known for his attention to correct anatomy and exacting detail in their representational works. He presently resides in his hometown of Sioux Falls.


Artist Biography: Sherri Treeby

Sherri Treeby is a native of Ohio who moved to SD in the early 80’s and attended Northern State University. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in art education and a Master’s Degree in art history graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1990. She was a professor of art at Presentation College in Aberdeen, teaching art history, drawing, painting, and design. The arts community recognizes her for her tutoring of upcoming young professional artists. In 2008 and 2010, Sherri was chosen ”Woman Sculptor of the Year” by American Mothers, Inc.

Since forming Bad River Artworks in 1989, Sherri and Lee have created over 220 individual sculptures, large and small. She brings to the team a strong background of art history and an ability to blend that knowledge into their artwork.

Artist Sherri Treeby

Together Lee and Sherri practice a continuing and demanding critique as they sculpt their artworks. This practice helps produce a well-defined, thoughtful and dynamic sculpture that is without errors and says professional quality.

During their 22 years as Bad River Artworks, they have worked efficiently with art committees and planners. It is always their goal to create an artwork that perfectly reflects the desires of their patron. Ego and personality are never an issue in their sculpting process as they achieve this goal.

During their 11 years with the City of Presidents project, each sculpture was reviewed and critiqued 4 times by a group of 10 board members and artists. This demanding development regimen made them expert in the skills asked for your eligibility criteria.